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Your Values... Your Food!
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    Wishing you and all

    those close to you ...

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    Chia Goodness

    Power up in the morning with what is quite possibly the most nutritious seed ever...


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    Chia Seed

    This remarkable superfood has virtually no taste, but an amazing abundance of nutrients, and a unique quality of thickening...


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    Hemp Protein Powders

    Mix it into smoothies, add it to recipes, and revel in the power of certified organic hemp!


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If these are Your Values... this is Your Food!

We offer a wide range of delicious foods based on the hemp seed and other amazing sources of nutrition. Our foods are GMO-free, contain no refined sugar, synthetic vitamins, hydrogenated or trans fatty acids. As a company we take pride in giving back to the community, working with family farms and supporting sustainable agriculture.

Chia Goodness

Instant - ready in minutes enjoy hot or cold!

Raw Chia Seed

Chia is quite possibly the most nutritious seed ever!

Protein Powders

Hemp, Maca, Flax E3Live we have 3 different varieties!

Hemp Bars

Flax and Hemp bars will really add power to your day!

Hemp Oils

A tablespoon a day to help maintain health.

Soft Hemp

High in protein, rich in EFAs and Certified Organic!


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  • Top 5 Ways to Eat Chia

    The chia seed is extremely flexible in a variety of recipes from sweet to savory, and can easily add more nutrition to any snack or meal!

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What People are saying...

"I am a huge fan of Ruth's Hemp Protein Powders, in this blend with Flax and Maca you get a ton of great nutrients and the boost of Maca (which is a good energy source)."
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